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Special Effects 

Air Stars

Air Stars are the perfect way to light up your event. They add beautiful ambient lighting both indoors and outdoors.

Bubbles & Snow

Our bubble and snow effects are used for parties, sporting events, and wedding exits.

Confetti & Streamers

We have several confetti and streamer options including handheld launchers, double barrel air cannons and blasters. Contact us to determine which option is best for your special event.


Our cryo jets and cryo guns create smoke plumes perfect for intros at sporting events, or special effects for concerts. Our DMX lighting can also enhance the experience and provide amazing visual effects for an affordable price.

Fireworks & Other Pyrotechnics

We work closely with J&M Displays, Inc. as they provide quality, licensed and insured pyrotechnic displays.


Fog is a great effect often used for first dances and room reveals.

Hi-Light Inflatables

Our Hi-light Inflatables add beautiful lighting and can even change colors. There are many shapes & sizes, some that hang and others that are freestanding.

Lasers & Lights

If you're looking for unique ways to jazz up your event, talk with our inhouse laser and lighting expert to create an experience unique to your event.

Marquee Letters

Our Lighted Broadway Style Marquee Letters are perfect as a band backdrop, hanging on a wall or leaning.

Sparkulars & Cyclones

Sparkulars and cyclones last up to 15 minutes. Sparkulars reach up to 15 feet in height and Cyclones range 16-30 feet. These fun stage effects are popular for graduations and first dances at weddings.

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